what’s cooking? – smoked salmon sushi


When I was teaching sixth grade English last year, I always always wanted to go out on Friday night. We lived yards away from this cheap Greek restaurant, and Will would make me get out of bed (where I immediately took refuge when I walked in the door from work) and we would comb through Zomato until we would be so hungry that we would walk down to the Greek restaurant and get gyros or a hamburger.


Now that I am nannying, I actually feel up to getting dinner together at home since I come home before Will. Will and I have hardly eaten out in Louisville even though there are so many great restaurants. This sushi has been our Friday choice a few times already.

Of course, we would love to make spicy tuna sushi, but when I called around to different markets, the sushi grade tuna was waaaaaay out of grocery budget. So, I found this smoked salmon at Kroger for less that $4.

Check out the recipe on Allrecipes and enjoy eating in.



As you can see from our pictures, we like to add significantly more to our rolls than what it pictured in the Allrecipes page. I like my sushi fully loaded.

What have you been cooking up recently? Did you give the sushi a try?

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