what’s cooking-coconut veggie curry

The weather in Louisville is finally cooling off. We’ve had highs in the sixties and lows in the fifties, and the need for hot, delicious food is sprouting up in me. Must. Make. Soups.

And curries! Which led me here:


It’s been a quiet week in our apartment where we have left the windows open, cooked a lot of good food, and spent evenings just sitting around talking to each other.

I hurt my back somehow (meaning I did some ill-fated burpees) and have stayed home from work with a heating pad and a tendency to whine the last two days. The Lord blessed me so abundantly this morning, though. Bon Iver, one of my favorite musicians released his new album. I slid through it three times without really trying. I sat in my car outside the library, waiting for it to open, scribbling prayers in a little notebook as rain sprinkled my windshield, listening to 22, A Million, his voice more about the sound than the actual lyrics.

I’m thinking you can give the album a try (maybe even listen to the npr review to get your blood pumping about pressing play) and make the curry at the same time.

I found the recipe on Cookie and Kate, and I appreciated it’s simplicity and variety of vegetables.

It was a one dish meal where you chopped, sauteed, and added the curry ingredients.

Let me know if you make it! Happy cooking!


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