decor- styling a hope chest


I went through a phase in high school (that most likely coincided with my reading of Christian romance novels set in the West) where I really, really wanted a hope chest that I could fill with china, knitted blankets, and monogrammed handkerchiefs. I even asked my mom for some china for Christmas which she, thankfully, ignored. But she did order me an Amish hope chest, knowing that I still appreciate it even after I came to my senses.


It is cherry and beautiful (and still unfinished), and I wanted to put it at the end of our bed, but we didn’t really have enough room for it, so I ended up putting it in this weird transition space between our living area and dining nook. Styling it was a-whole-nother ballgame.


I bid on these prints in a lot of about eight on an eBay auction, and Will framed them. I thought they were up too high and looked a little lacking, so I switched them for their down the street neighbor, the To Kill a Mockingbird canvas poster my mom got me for another Christmas. It definitely fills the space better and adds a nice red to the white walls.


One of the things I liked about the chest was how wide it was on top, and I had the perfect friend in mind to put there: Will’s granddaddy’s record player. I love thinking about how granddaddy would love that we are using it and that it’s a big part of living room.


Next, comes the little vintage-inspired fan Will scored at an estate sale in Birmingham. It sells for $139 at Restoration Hardware, and we got it for *drumroll* $20. I like that it is simple and quiet and not plastic, and we sometimes air-dry laundry or baked treats right around there, so it is helpful to have the fan nearby.



And then I wanted something big and alive to anchor the top and make it less nick-nacky because the chest is big, the art is big, the record player is big, and something vertical and green makes it feel finished to me. In the same morning, Will and I drove out to a barn sale, and got a few old terracotta pots (I like the color variation and price of used terracotta pots) and picked up this snake plant afterward at Lowe’s. The pot was $1, the plant was $10. Snake plants or Sansevieria trifasciata are amazing. They are incredibly easy to care for and thrives in a variety of light exposure, making them great indoor plants. The little guy next to it is a type of Peperomia that it also low-maintenance. He is planted in a pot I got from Tuesday Morning for $1 as they were clearing out summer things for fall.

The basket next to it is helpful for chilly guests. I rolled the blankets so that they would fit and still show off the different colors. I like how the blanket peeking out the most even looks soft. It makes the angles and cuts of the chest a little less sharp.


So, there it is. It makes me happy to look at it. It’s what I see when I am coming down the hall. It’s where my eye rests a lot from the couch. I like how it is one of those surfaces that doesn’t change or have a rotation of books, shoes, or cups. Instead, it exists on it’s little island as finished. At least for now 😉

P.S. Don’t tell Marie Kondo, but the chest is filled with books.




2 thoughts on “decor- styling a hope chest

  1. I love this, Haleykins! So thoughtful and pretty. I love hearing about all the deals you find. 🙂

    Side note- this post just made me realize “a-whole-nother” is not an actual word. I mean, I knew it, but then again I didn’t. I blame my southern roots. I love you!


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